All through my twenties I painted like a crazy little doodler. I painted in Gouache, mastering the art of it. I painted beautiful ladies, mermaids and fairies. They took me forever to do. My style was similar to manga and comic books. But then, as it does, life took over and I stopped painting for…I guess…almost ten years. It broke my heart to not paint but I lost my confidence, I lost my ability to paint. I lost myself. Well, that is how it felt. Every so often I would pick up a pencil or paint brush and I would fail to do what I used to do. I had changed, my focus was different. My lifestye was different. It hurt to keep trying.

My OH convinced me to ty a different style, maybe try watercolours…I had never used them before so had no idea how to paint with them. One day my best friend gave me some descriptions of some cute little characters that she wanted drawing and all of a sudden my head exploded with images and ideas. I hadn’t felt this for so long it felt amazing! I doodled, I painted, I got to grips with watercolours and Ta Da! A whole new world of cuteness appeared in my sketchbook. I couldn’t stop and still can’t. I feel whole, again but with a new style and new way of painting.

I taught myself to use watercolours, I created all of the cuteness and whimsy and then…confidence created this…


My beautiful mermaid, finally I feel like I am bridging the gap between how I used to paint and how I paint now and it feels GOOD! 😀