Busy Little Doodler

Remember my last post about doing #marchmeetthemaker ? So yeah…think I managed about half of the posts on instagram…Well done to those that managed the whole month!!

I have been pretty busy though, I have a huge on-going commission that I am working on and loving every minute of it! I don’t really want to say more at the moment so Shhh…and apart from failing to do all of #marchmeetthemaker, here is a little update of what else I have been up too…
I have started on some new cards that can be used for any occassion. These are A5 in size and adorable…


This little card is currently waiting to be photographed and then listed for my Etsy store. Though if you are too impatient to wait for me to do that then you just drop me a message as it is available to purchase.

These three little cuties are waiting to be scanned and printed as cards.

New doodles in my sketch book!
I really love these, I am thinking of maybe doing them as cards and framing the originals to sell aswell. The unicorn one, especially as that would look awesome in a nursery room, don’t you think?

Oh and look my three little characters are still causing mischief…I have no idea what they are up too here!! *sigh*







I am attempting #marchmeetthemaker this month, I tried last year and think I managed most…some…of the month.
It’s an instagram challenge to help tell your business story thoughout the month of March with the help of a handy planner of themes to post each day.
It is so much fun seeing other crafters stories and I have a lot of studio envy from seeing crafters workspaces yesterday.
Here my posts so far, I will come back to this here through the month and lets see how well I do! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

Day 1 was all about yourself – Here is me! I’m Lianne and by day I am a Librarian and by night, I am a pj wearing, unicorn obsessed, doodler. I love painting cute and whimsical creatures and dream of one day doing this full time.




Day 2 Favourite thing to make 😊
I think it has to be these guys…Sprouty, Mouse and Kitty. They kinda appeared for #inktober with their pumpkin antics and just hung around and became my life in the form of doodles. I love them


Day 3 was workspace 😊 My little lounge is my workspace, I tend to sit on the floor doodling eventually trapping myself with everything into a small space






Day 4 Tools 😊 this little pot holds my pencils, pens and brushes (when they are not spread all over my floor which most are 😉 )