Busy Little Doodler

Remember my last post about doing #marchmeetthemaker ? So yeah…think I managed about half of the posts on instagram…Well done to those that managed the whole month!!

I have been pretty busy though, I have a huge on-going commission that I am working on and loving every minute of it! I don’t really want to say more at the moment so Shhh…and apart from failing to do all of #marchmeetthemaker, here is a little update of what else I have been up too…
I have started on some new cards that can be used for any occassion. These are A5 in size and adorable…


This little card is currently waiting to be photographed and then listed for my Etsy store. Though if you are too impatient to wait for me to do that then you just drop me a message as it is available to purchase.

These three little cuties are waiting to be scanned and printed as cards.

New doodles in my sketch book!
I really love these, I am thinking of maybe doing them as cards and framing the originals to sell aswell. The unicorn one, especially as that would look awesome in a nursery room, don’t you think?

Oh and look my three little characters are still causing mischief…I have no idea what they are up too here!! *sigh*






Sprouty Mouse and Kitty

So…I told you last time about my three favourite little characters I doodled through Inktober and how they got quite a little following. I fell in love with them so much, I can’t stop doodling them and they have actually become part of my life! Sprouty, Mouse and Kitty the cat. They join in in all my adventures and have their own adventures!

They found a magical land through this door and when I went to Venice for a long weekend, they came too!

They have their own weekends and get up to much mischief!

And this is them becoming a birthday card!


I am also working on some other ideas for cards and little paintings in frames. These are two little doodles in my sketchbook.



New year, New plans *EXCITE*

Crikey! I haven’t been here since June! Sorry! I hope to much more frequent this year but I haven’t been idle, I have been so busy doodling in that time.
2016 was my first year at actually making my doodles into a little business, I have learnt a lot in that time, I also had quite few commissions! Squeeeeeeee!

I spent most of summer creating new Christmas cards, I ended up with 8 new designs and they were a big hit! I have to say myself, they were the best I have done so far and sold really well. I really loved packaging them for everyone and all my pops to the post office to send them on their way.

Then came Inktober; where you do an ink drawing a day throughout October. I have been joining in on that for a couple of years and it is an awesome motivator. This year I concentrated on three little characters; a girl – Sprouty, a mouse – Mouse and Kitty the Cat and their little halloweenie, pumpkin activities. It was such fun to do and the three little characters gained quite a following!

Since then I have been re-thinking on how to make my work more wantable, more sellable. My cards sell well so why don’t I do other occasion cards! Yay! I have done three so far.

I am currently working on another couple of commissions. I really love getting comissions and creating other people’s ideas.

Other new plans are to start creating little paintings in frames where parts of  the painting carries on onto the frame, if there are flowers or stars or something like that they go on the frame as well. I also want to paint little characters onto wooden boxes which can be used for treasures, jewellery, pencil cases. All different sizes and shapes of boxes.
I am very excited for this new year and my new plans and will keep you updated on my progress.