I am attempting #marchmeetthemaker this month, I tried last year and think I managed most…some…of the month.
It’s an instagram challenge to help tell your business story thoughout the month of March with the help of a handy planner of themes to post each day.
It is so much fun seeing other crafters stories and I have a lot of studio envy from seeing crafters workspaces yesterday.
Here my posts so far, I will come back to this here through the month and lets see how well I do! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! πŸ˜€

Day 1 was all about yourself – Here is me! I’m Lianne and by day I am a Librarian and by night, I am a pj wearing, unicorn obsessed, doodler. I love painting cute and whimsical creatures and dream of one day doing this full time.




Day 2 Favourite thing to make 😊
I think it has to be these guys…Sprouty, Mouse and Kitty. They kinda appeared for #inktober with their pumpkin antics and just hung around and became my life in the form of doodles. I love them


Day 3 was workspace 😊 My little lounge is my workspace, I tend to sit on the floor doodling eventually trapping myself with everything into a small space






Day 4 Tools 😊 this little pot holds my pencils, pens and brushes (when they are not spread all over my floor which most are πŸ˜‰ )



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